"Maximising Profits by Helping Leaders Build High Performing Teams"

What I Do

What I Do


Build a Cohesive Leadership Team

Cohesive teams eliminate politics and increase effectiveness.


Create Clarity

Healthy organisations minimise the potential for confusion.


Over-Communicate Clarity

Healthy organisations align their employees around organisational clarity.


Reinforce Clarity

Organisations sustain their health by ensuring consistency across every process that involves people.


  • review rating 5  If you've not yet taken the time to chat with Brendan, I'd recommend you do. He has an uncanny ability to draw out skills and opportunities within you and your team. That's what he did with me, and I've seen him do it with others, time and time again. It's what #leadership and #businessteams need more of today. Highly skilled and has a way of making you feel good about what's about to change for the better.

    thumb Marc Charette
  • review rating 5  I attended a 2 day workshop with Brendan based on High Performing Teams. Brendan's content was brilliant and really helped our company identify the key areas (Smarts & Health) that drive a healthy team culture which in turn reflects in high performance from all members in the team. Highly recommend Brendan to help drive culture and performance within your business.

    thumb Darrell Spencer
  • review rating 5  Our team engaged Brendan to run a Leadership and Team Development package including personality profiling, group session and detailed prep and followups with the directors. Categorically this was worth every dollar we paid for it and more. We've come away with new insights and ideas for how better to communicate with each other which are already paying dividends only a few days later. In terms of the sessions, Brendan is a truly exceptional facilitator of the right types of conversations, patient, generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable. On top of that, he operates within easy-to-understand frameworks and models, meaning that you can more easily retain and enact the learnings after you've left the sessions. My advice to any business leader reading is to get sign up and get the introductory package under your belt now - if you're a serious business it's not huge money and what's the worst that can happen!

    thumb Thomas Unwin
  • review rating 5  I have known Brendan for the past 18 months and more recently Brendan ran a session with our Regional Manager and Sales Team. I find Brendan incredibly insightful, engaged, approachable and most importantly honest. The combination of these traits enabled the team to build rapport with Brendan, take any advice as constructive finally apply the learning in small teams. In just one session we had a breakthrough moment where the team was able to effectively communicate with one another which has resonated over the following months. I would highly recommend Brendan to any organisation.

    thumb Simon Neylan
  • review rating 5  I have known Brendan for several years and always found his passion to help others & businesses grow high performing teams very inspiring. Brendan has been instrumental in helping me over the past few months re establish my business with providing excellent advice to identify the areas I needed to focus on to ensure a solid framework is in place to allow scalability, while also ensuring I stay true to my purpose. Brendan has provided exceptional support which helped me to step outside my comfort zone many times leading to amazing results that are perfectly aligned to my passion & purpose. If you are looking for a great person that is also a high performing business coach to help either yourself or your team then I highly recommend engaging Brendan to achieve your goals.

    thumb Tracey Dean
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