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A podcast where we have conversations to help create confident leaders.

116. Approachable Leadership and Transnational Localism

On today's show, we're elated to welcome Hari Murali, the head of marketing for Zoho One. Together, we traverse the intricate landscape of approachable leadership and a unique concept: transnational localism. Through engrossing stories and candid anecdotes, Hari...

115. Entrepreneurship Unveiled: Sangeeta Maltchandami’s Incredible Leap from Corporate to Startup!”

Sangeeta unveils her journey from banking to business mentor and entrepreneur, highlighting the enticing allure of being your own boss, the significance of dependable allies in the business realm, and the intricacies of securing funding. With insights into program design, facilitation, and how to merge core concepts to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses, this episode is a treasure trove of practical wisdom.

112. A Business Strategy – Inclusion in the Workplace

    In this episode, renowned diversity and equity expert Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey discusses the concept of inclusion and its importance in the business environment. The conversation dives into the challenges organizations face regarding diversity,...

111. Navigating Change in the Workplace In this episode, former naval warship captain and current change consultant, Dr. Karuna Ramanathan, provides valuable insights on how leaders can better manage transitions in their organizations. Drawing parallels between military 'fog of...

110. Leading a Social Enterprise (Foster Carer Wellbeing)

    Today’s episode is a very personal and important episode for my family. We are foster carers, and my inspiring and dedicated guest is Marcie McGowan, co-founder and CEO of the Hatch Project, a social enterprise aimed at revolutionizing Australia's foster...

109. Mastering Tough Conversations

    Most leaders avoid having ‘tough conversations.’ If they were easy, everyone would be addressing challenging issues with people in their lives. In this episode, David Wood, founder of Focus CEO, shares his experiences with difficult conversations and how...

108. Life Purpose vs Work Purpose

In this episode, my guest is Elizabeth Rosenberg, Founder of the Good Advice Company. Elizabeth uses her own experiences of intertwining her corporate career with her mediumship, and shares her unique perspectives on the concept of purpose. Rather than focusing on...

107. What drives our decisions, behaviours and results?

In this episode, Brendan speaks with Ashkan Tashvir, the founder and CEO of Engenesis, a subsidiary aimed at actively collaborating with, and supporting, carefully chosen businesses. Ashkan is not only a philosopher and a 2x best-selling author but possesses a strong...


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Listener Reviews

The Culture of Things

Listener Reviews

Kaz & Matt Page 28/07/2021

A really cool podcast, Brendan started out with a bang and has continued to grow from strength to strength. His calm deliberate manner is able to cut through and draw out some absolute Gems of knowledge to implement in your everyday life!!!

Amber Daines 21/09/2021

The Culture of Things podcast offers its audience a candid, deep-dive conversation between the host Brendan Rogers and a suite of interesting, diverse guests. Think of it as a little dose of self-improvement listening!

Melinda Reihberg 01/28/21

I was honoured to be approached by Brendan to be a guest on his podcast The Culture of Things. As a small business owner, passionate trainer and general seeker of new and innovative ideas, I have always found Brendan’s podcast to be informative, relatable and inspiring. Brendan is an inquisitive yet relaxed interviewer who encourages thought provoking conversation that is enjoyable to be a part of. I always find the podcasts interesting and a good way to refresh my thinking and ways of doing business.

Laura Prael 01/19/21

This is a highly engaging podcast, expertly delivered by business culture veteran Brendan Rogers. Brendan produces a slick podcast which is a pleasure for the ears and brain. He masterfully bounces around new ideas with his diverse guests which results in deep conversations, fascinating analysis, and good humour.

Nick Bendel 01/06/21

I've been a subscriber to The Culture of Things from the first episode, so I was really excited when Brendan invited me to appear on the podcast. I really enjoyed the experience. Brendan is a fantastic interviewer - he asks thoughtful questions, listens attentively to the answers and then asks really good follow-up questions. At the same time, he keeps things light, so the interview feels like a friendly chat rather than a hostile interrogation. I've been interviewed by many people and have been asked the same questions a million times, so I was pleasantly surprised when Brendan threw a few new ones at me. That reflects his research and his active listening skills.

Andrew Paton-Smith 01/04/21

The Culture of Things is a highly engaging podcast and Brendan, naturally curious and explores topics with his guests in a very natural, conversational way. As a guest, I found myself talking about areas of interest that I had not initially planned on talking about. Brendan’s curiosity, got us into these areas which made for a highly authentic, and at times, raw recording. Brendan’s guests are well thought through, bringing a diverse and intelligent conversation across multiple facets of teams, leadership, culture and management. Highly recommended!

Sean Smith 05/01/20

I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Brendan hosts guests and has simple and genuine discussions about his guests experiences and stories. This is an excellent way to learn from other people's experiences and has helped me come up with new ideas around how to lead my team.

Ian Lynch 01/04/21

Thanks for a great interview, Brendan. Given the quality of guests you have on The Culture of Things podcast, it was an absolute honour to appear as a guest, and a open and honest chat.

Grant Williams

The Culture of Networking
I have just listened to Episode 12 - The Culture of Networking. An awesome episode that everyone should listen to. So many business owners think that networking is merely 'showing' up. This episode really shines a light on what networking really is and the importance of following up. It is a really thought-provoking episode that covers that simply and in a way that made me think deeply about the way that I network.

Sonya Cavanough

As a new listener, I am inspired by the conversations between Brendan and those he interviews. I could literally listen to Brendan all day and find him to be an authentic, genuine leader who has other people's best interests at heart. Looking forward to hearing more!
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