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14. What You Need To Know About Meetings

by | Jul 6, 2020 | 2 comments

The Culture of Things
The Culture of Things
14. What You Need To Know About Meetings


What you need to know about meetings.

Andrew Moore is the Principal Consultant in Australia for The Table Group, where he works with CEOs and Executive Teams to help them apply the concepts of organisational health

His clients span a broad spectrum of organisations in fields including emergency services, construction, market research, travel, telecommunications, education and insurance.

Prior to partnering with The Table Group in 2012, Andrew worked as CEO of Harcourts Real Estate in Western Australia. Before that, he worked in various executive roles in the Brisbane real estate industry. Andrew holds a Doctorate in Cultural Change Management and post graduate degrees in Economics and Strategic Organisational Development, and lives with his wife and family in Brisbane.

Andrew and I connected on LinkedIn in 2018 and I was lucky enough to meet with him that same year when I was visiting my home town of Brisbane.

The focus of our conversation today is Meetings. And I know you will also be fascinated by his insight into why meetings are so important and why as leaders, it is vital to have great meetings.

Listen in to learn what you need to know about meetings…



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  1. Sonya Cavanough

    Hi Brendan I really enjoyed this episode. Lots to glean from in regards to running better meetings. I love the practicality of the session and the description of the various types of meetings. It makes alot of sense now as to why some meetings don’t go well or get off track! I also relate to Andrew in saying that if the meeting is bad or boring then it’s the leaders responsibility to change it up! Thanks again for putting out great content!

    • Brendan Rogers

      My pleasure Sonya. Thank you for taking the time to listen and provide feedback. So glad you got real value from it.


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