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15. Leadership in Public Office

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15. Leadership in Public Office


Leadership in Public Office.

Adam Crouch is the NSW Liberal State Government Member for Terrigal. He is also the Government Whip, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast and Deputy Chair for the Standing Committee of Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics.

‘Crouchy’ as he is affectionately known, is an unbelievably hard working leader in the Central Coast Community. I doubt there is a street he hasn’t walked, a house he hasn’t visited, or a community group that he hasn’t engaged with at some point in time across his electorate and the broader Central Coast.

I definitely haven’t asked Adam to come on and talk politics, but I do want to focus our conversation today on Leadership in Public Office.

To show what a good sport Crouchy is, he was more than happy when I asked him to don a Liverpool FC scarf during the interview given it is our first English Premier League title in 30 years!

Listen in to hear Crouchy’s views on Leadership in Public Office…


Leadership in Public Office


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