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18. What Rugby League Taught Me About Leadership

by | Aug 3, 2020 | 2 comments

18. What Rugby League Taught Me About Leadership

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Matt Sharp is the Owner & Director of Sharp Property Buyers, where he helps people secure their dream home or secure their future by investing in quality investment properties.

Away from his buyers agent business, Matt coaches rugby league at the elite junior level with the Sydney Roosters

Matt’s passion for property has seen him build a diverse portfolio over the last 8 years. His passion for rugby league took him to playing at a semi-professional level on the Central Coast and Overseas.

Matt also worked for 10 years in the corporate sector where he saw the good, the bad and the ugly around leadership and culture.

The combination of his experience across the corporate, sport and entrepreneurial sectors, have given him first hand experience with leadership and teamwork, and building high performance cultures.

Matt shares specifically what rugby league has taught him about leadership…


What Rugby League has taught me about Leadership


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  1. Mike Cronshaw

    Fantastic interview. Matt seems to be such a down to earth, unassuming person who is able to communicate with all levels of society. His enthusiasm for all aspects of his life is infectious.
    I enjoyed, and learnt so much from this interview, but would have liked some of the interview to have explained what exactly his business is about.
    We are so fortunate to have someone of Matt’s calibre living here on the Central Coast, in the magnificent STATE OF N.S.W.!!!

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you for taking the time to listen Mike and for providing this valuable feedback. Really appreciate it. You can definitely find out more about Matt’s business at I agree the State of NSW is magnificent….it’s just that the State of Queensland is beautiful one day and perfect the next! Perfection is very hard to beat. 🙂


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