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21. How to Build Organisational Culture

by | Aug 24, 2020 | 1 comment

21. How to Build Organisational Culture

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Elizabeth Houghton is a seasoned HR professional with broad industry experience across FMCG, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Information Technology, Engineering, Motorsport and financial services.

Her expertise in the HR Leadership space stretches across coaching, leadership development, learning solutions, recruitment and selection, performance management, talent management, change management, succession planning and people management.

Elizabeth’s current role is People and Capability Business Partner at Dashing, which is a leader in the execution of retail campaigns offering design, technology and production services. They have 150+ staff based across Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai.

Elizabeth is also the Founder of Sutton Full Potential, which is a business focused on coaching the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Her greatest satisfaction comes from inspiring people to think differently and to capitalise on the evolving world of work. 

The focus of our conversation today is how to build organisational culture…

How to Build Organisational Culture


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  1. Mark Giles

    I listened to this one on my way into the office this morning and it had me engaged throughout. Elizabeth nailed so many things on the head. I do believe so many organisations create their values based on it is what a coach has told them has to be done and they pick them based on what sounds good instead of giving it deeper thought and selecting values that the owner/founder personally lives by. It certainly starts from the top down. Great stuff and thankyou Brendan and Elizabeth
    Brendan I hope you submitted your entry into


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