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23. Are You Born With Resilience?

by | Sep 7, 2020 | 1 comment

23. Are You Born With Resilience?

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Are you born with resilience?

Andrew Paton-Smith is the Founder and CEO of Jazoodle based in Wyong on our beautiful Central Coast. He is also a Non-Executive Director at Wyong Race Club where he has been part of the Directorship Team which has turned it into one of the top regional horse training and racing facilities in Australia.

Jazoodle is a tech startup which Andrew founded in 2015. Jazoodle was recently selected as one of Australia’s most promising high growth startups and as part of the UNSW Founders 10X Accelerator program.

Jazoodle has a vision to become the world’s foremost resource for organisational success and financial wellbeing. It is a fantastic tool which helps SME businesses understand how the business is performing, what the business is likely to be worth, and what needs to be done to improve.

Andrew started his career in the IT sector back in 2000 with Navigant International. He was a Regional Director based in the UK before moving to Australia to take up a role as Regional Director Asia Pacific. Prior to starting Jazoodle, he was also IT Director for Qantas Business Travel and General Manager of Business Solutions for Amadeus IT Group.

Sadly, Andrew is also a West Ham United supporter.

The focus of our conversation today is resilience…are you born with resilience?


Are you born with resilience?


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  1. Tony Wilkinson

    Loved it guys. West Ham… oh my!!


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