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24. Leadership Experiences of a Refugee

by | Sep 14, 2020 | 6 comments


24. Leadership Experiences of a Refugee

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Quang Nguyen is a man who values the time he spends with his family. He believes all business owners should be able to spend time with their families or for doing whatever it is that they love.

Being a first-generation refugee, he has grown up doing his best to combine the opportunities and social norms that come with living in a western society while maintaining and preserving the Vietnamese culture that has been passed on to him.

Quang is a jack of all trades and if you can name the job, he has probably worked in it at some point in his life.

In wanting to give back to the education sector because it had taught him so much, he decided to be an educator. Within two years of teaching, Quang became an assistant principal and started to bring innovative practices into the classroom.

After a conversation with his wife, Quang decided to pursue his other passions starting with his love of psychology and human behaviour. From there it evolved into what he does now, working with business owners so that they can utilise this vehicle to live the life that they had envisioned when they started the business.

Through his business, QN Coaching & Training, Quang works with business owners to provide them with the time, space, insight and strategies to grow their businesses. Working with him is not about doing everything that everyone else is doing, it is about focusing on the one thing that will make the biggest impact in your business.

Quang exclusively charges his fees after his clients achieve their financial targets. In essence, if you do not meet the financial outcome he has set with you, he does not get paid his full fee.

The focus of our conversation today is how his culture and coming to Australia as a refugee has shaped his leadership experiences…

Leadership Experiences of a Refugee


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  1. Sonya Cavanough

    This was a fascinating conversation. Have listened three times now, once with my husband as I knew he would appreciate Quang’s story and so I wanted to share it. Quang should write a book! Thanks for continuing to inspire your listeners.

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you Sonya. Really appreciate your feedback and for sharing the episode. Great stuff!

  2. Danielle Sweetman

    This was captivating and inspiring to listen to. I currently work in refugee settlement and hearing the devastating experiences of people’s search for safety is confronting. Assisting their journey forward is a privilege. Quang’s stories resonate and give hope and more direction for my work, thank you both.

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you Danielle. Really appreciate your feedback. Glad you took great value from the episode and was able to relate it to some of the work you do.

  3. Julie Watson

    What an inspirational interview Brendan. Thanks. Quang has so much to offer. Not just for his own family and community, but for society as a whole. His gratitude will naturally be passed on to his kids and in doing so will support a better more harmonious world. His balance between being a Westerner and valuing and respecting his culture is so heartening. I’ll be sharing this story and hope to meet Quang some time. Well done for working so hard to achieve all you have and doing it with love. Thanks for sharing
    1. Leaders make sacrifices. It’s tough!
    2. Leaders make their own opportunities. No Excuses!
    3. Leaders take responsibility for their own decision. Gutsy!

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you Julie. Great comments! I really value your feedback and glad you took so much value from the episode.


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