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26. Does Team Building Get Results?

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26. Does Team Building Get Results?


Pip Scott-Allen is originally from Canada and now lives in the beautiful Hunter region of NSW. He is the Director and Lead Facilitator of Premier Team Building. Pip’s business is focused on corporate team building where he designs and facilitates custom team building events. He works with businesses of all sizes across NSW.

Pip refers to his role as a facilitator of awesome with one goal – to make your team awesome!

Instead of standing in front of you and preaching about how to motivate, how to be a creative problem solver, or how to deliver exceptional customer service, Pip prefers to play games to help people reach conclusions and experience real results!

Pip has a love for the outdoors and adventure. This has seen him gather experience in a variety of roles covering ice and rock climbing, mountain expeditions, tree top walks, abseiling, survival skills as well as being an outdoor education leader at Canadian camps for school children.

So, does team building get results?

The focus of our conversation today is around team building activities and exploring this question – does team building get results?


Does Team Building Get Results?


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