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3. The Power of a Leader

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3. The Power of a Leader

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The Power of a Leader. This is the topic I explore with Jess.

Jess is a normal, every day worker. She hasn’t held a leadership role, and she does’t have any desire to move into a leadership role. What she does know, is how a leader has the power to impact on the work culture.

Jess talks about her experiences and the impact a good leader has on creating a positive work culture. We also talk about the impact a bad leader has on creating a negative work culture. We explore the impact of both on her work attitude, her mental health, and the impact it also has on her family.

The Power of a Leader is great. With great power, comes great responsibility.

We want leaders to use their power for good, which means, creating a positive work culture and a positive work experience for employees like Jess.

If you want to help improve the lives of people at work by sharing your story of great leadership or poor leadership, click here to contact Brendan.

With great power comes great responsibility


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