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4.2 Lessons for Emerging Leaders: Part 2

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4.2 Lessons for Emerging Leaders: Part 2

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Lessons for emerging Leaders. It’s a Hard Road when a Leaders Journey Begins.

It’s this journey and the lessons on it, which form the basis of the 2nd half of my interview with Martin West.

As a reminder, Martin is the owner of a consultancy business called X-Gap, which is short for Execution Gap. X-Gap focuses on helping Leaders Create Conversations That Produce Healthy Team Performance. Martin has co-authored a recently released book called Hard Road, A Leader’s Journey Begins.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go back and listen to episode 4 part 1 before listening to this episode.

If you have already listened to part 1, let’s dive into this episode as Martin shares the other 4 parts of the model from the book, and some more lessons for emerging leaders.

Enjoy part 2 of my chat with Martin.

Lessons for Emerging Leaders. Martin presents Brendan with his new book - Hard Road. A Leader's Journey Begins

Brendan Rogers (left), Hard Road. A Leader’s Journey Begins (centre), Martin West (Author – right)


If you have any questions for Brendan around this episode or generally around culture, leadership or teamwork, feel free to contact him here.

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