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20. How a Leaders Motive Impacts Team Dynamics

by | Aug 17, 2020 | 4 comments

20. How a Leaders Motive Impacts Team Dynamics

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Tracey Dean is the Owner and Director of BTS Accounting Services on the Central Coast with over 25 years experience in the finance world. She is very passionate about the continual improvement of the accounting and finance functions in organisations and using this information for improving the strategic business decision making process.

Tracey started her corporate career with McDonald’s Australia where she worked for 12 years as a Corporate Accountant and Tax Manager. Before going back into her Accounting Consultancy which she has been involved in for 10 years, Tracey also spent 3 years as the Chief Financial Officer for a K-12 Independent School.

I often refer to Tracey as a ‘human centred accountant’. Why? Because she is one of the few accountants I know, or have met, that honestly put people first. With this focus, it is only natural that she builds strong and trusted professional relationships with her clients and is a fantastic leader of people. 

The focus of our conversation today is how a Leader’s motive impacts Team Dynamics…



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  1. Julie Watson

    Great conversation guys. Plenty of truths and takeaways.

    • Brendan Rogers

      Hey Julie, thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. Glad you enjoyed the episode and got some good takeaways. Well done.

  2. Sonya Cavanough

    Thanks Tracey for being brave and joining Brendan on the podcast. I enjoyed your genuine and balanced perspective in regards to unhealthy and healthy leaders in the workplace, and how they impact employees and teams. I know Brendan is so great at making people feel comfortable. Thanks again for putting yourself out of your comfort zone. A true inspirational leader you are Tracey!

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you Sonya. It’s so great that you always take the time to provide such valuable commentary on the episodes. Well done in all you are doing and taking action on being better every single day. Keep it up.


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