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53. The Story of My Broken Soldier

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53. The Story of My Broken Soldier



Karen and Matt Page have walked through some tumultuous times together, to say the least. It all began after Matt suffered a traumatic brain injury during his military deployment. Unfortunately, the accident turned out to be only the beginning of some of the most difficult times in their lives – putting a massive strain on their marriage and family life. Karen wrote the book “My Broken Soldier” as part of her healing process, sharing some of the deepest, darkest moments of their family’s struggle. Matt and Karen both join me on today’s episode, sharing some of how they dealt with some incredibly difficult periods in Matt’s healing process and what they feel helped them get through it all.

They have now made it their personal mission to make sure that they help other families in the same situation get access to the help they need sooner and more efficiently. The stigma that surrounds mental health in Australia and the world needs to end – and they believe that talking about one’s experiences more openly will be the key to unlocking this change in society. This, in turn, will help families struggling with mental health issues realize that they aren’t as isolated as they might feel. Reading Karen’s book has touched me deeply, and opened my eyes to the nearly impossible strength that it took for this couple to get as far as they have – and still be working together to live their best lives. I am grateful for their presence on today’s episode and I hope that this platform will help spread their powerful message to people who need to hear it!

Discussion Points

  • The motivation behind the book
  • Matt’s accident
  • The comedy of errors post the accident
  • The many other people in the same situation
  • Matt’s healing process 
  • Managing mental health 
  • Realizing your worth
  • Dealing with tough moments
  • Karen’s relationship with her dad
  • Matt becoming “dad” to Karen’s daughters
  • The process of having a baby 
  • Opening up about difficult times – ask for help
  • Working to help others in the same situation
  • Transitioning from defence back into civilian life
  • Matt & Karen’s advice to other families


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