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28. Creating a Culture To Be Proud Of

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The Culture of Things
28. Creating a Culture To Be Proud Of


Creating a Culture to be Proud Of – that’s what Bill Clifton has worked hard to achieve at Banlaw.

Bill is the Group Managing Director of Banlaw based in the Hunter Valley, about an hour north of our beautiful Central Coast. The Hunter Valley location is Banlaw’s main manufacturing and research and development facility.

Banlaw is leading the way in the innovation of unified fuel management solutions and services globally. They design and manage these systems for mining, container handling ports, rail and transport industries. Their fuel systems can be found throughout Australia, Europe, the US, Asia and the Americas.

I heard Bill talk about the Banlaw culture through an industry event and made contact with him to learn some more. When we spoke, there was some great ‘real life culture building’ experience that needed to be shared.

Thankfully Bill has agreed to do that today.

The focus of our conversation is to share Bill’s experience in creating a culture at Banlaw that he is proud of.



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